Alpha Chapter History

On October 1st, 1998, eighteen diverse South Asian males from the University of Texas in Austin came together with a common vision: to service the community while learning the true meaning of brotherhood, discipline, and commitment.  That day, Delta Epsilon Psi was formed.

Twelve days later, a group of twenty-five South Asian males from the University of Houston came together with the same vision of a service-oriented organization and decided that Delta Epsilon Psi's pillars of brotherhood, discipline, and commitment could best help them achieve success. From that point on, this was recognized Delta Epsilon Psi's Alpha Chapter.

Currently, our Alpha Chapter here in Houston has 20+ actives, which include transfer members from other chapters. We have 100+ alumni thus far who devoted tremendous amounts of their time and energy and will now sit back and watch our fraternity prosper. We hope to grow stronger in terms of size, knowledge, participation, and education in the future and we, as brothers, are honored to be a part of Delta Epsilon Psi.

Alpha Chapter is extensively involved on the University of Houston main campus.  As a FOUNDER of the Multcultural Greek Council, Alpha Chapter continously  participates in almost every aspect of campus activities ranging form cultural events and intramural sports to Frontier Fiesta.